*We'll be closed Monday of Long Weekend, Aug 7th

Summer Hours
Monday - Saturday              9:30 - 5:30
Thursday  (late)                    9:30 - 7:00
Sunday                                        Closed

**Last Load - 1 hour before closing**

Full Drop-off Laundry service
2 mins. to drop-off & 2 mins. to pick-up!
Feeling overwhelmed - laundry piling up? Take a load off and leave it with us.
Regular laundry service - $1.75/lb (10 lb min.)
Freshen up your comforters, duvets, pillows, coats, etc. - prices per item

Dry-Cleaning & Pressing
We do all dry-cleaning items locally through an eco-friendly "wet clean" process. All pressing services are done locally as well. This means faster pick up for you.

Transfer Service
If you have things to do, we can transfer your load to the dryer so it's ready when you get back.
$2/load + coins for dry time.

Large Capacity machines
We have large capacity machines (up to 5 1/2 loads) to handle big comforters, duvets, sleeping bags, pillows and winter gear - even horse blankets. You can self-serve or just leave it with us.